ConFoo is Famous

People want to speak at ConFoo so much, that they sent us over 800 proposals this year: a 40% increase. Last year, we were sold out at 600 tickets and we expect 600 attendees this year.

What makes ConFoo such a popular event? Perhaps we'll let our audience tell you:


ConFoo attracts mainly developers, analysts and project managers. These people are excited about technology and seek to improve their skills.

If you want to know exactly which technologies interest them, check out the presentations that they attended in 2013.

Your Company

People love ConFoo. Being there will benefit your company's image. Promote your products and services to the people who understand them best.

At ConFoo, you will be surrounded by talent that you can hire for your team. Expect to meet hundreds of skilled professionals.

Developers are hungry for new platforms and APIs to build upon. If that is what you want to promote, you have come to the right place!


We have a number of opportunities to choose from. Places are limited. To benefit from ConFoo's entire marketing campaign, contact us as soon as possible:
board [at]
1-888-392-0909 option 1