February 23-25, 2022
Montreal, Canada

Building Weird Things With The NHL And Ruby

If you’re a Ruby developer who also moonlights as the arena public address announcer for a National Hockey League team, clearly the best thing to do is to write some odd bits of software using NHL data! In this talk, we’ll discover how to use the semi-undocumented NHL API to do things like preparing your car for the drive home and having a script announcement goals for you! Let's get weird with a nontraditional data source!

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Wade Minter

Dualboot Partners

H. Wade Minter is a Product Principal at Dualboot Partners, where he helps people build strong businesses with great software. Previously, he's been the technology lead at Adwerx, WeaveUp and Custom Communications, along with CTO and founding team member at TeamSnap. His background is in Rails development and DevOps. In his spare time, he is the public address announcer for the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes, an improv comedian, and a professional wrestling ring announcer. He leads a weird life.

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