February 23-25, 2022
Montreal, Canada

Deploy N applications to N clusters using Argo CD

As the scaling needs grow, you have to deploy your application to more than one Kubernetes cluster. How about deploying multiple applications across multiple clusters? This talk covers Argo CD + ApplicationSets that allow you to manage deployments of a large number of applications, repositories, or clusters, all from a single Kubernetes resource.

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Dewan Ahmed

Red Hat

Hello! I’m Dewan - a Senior Developer Advocate at Red Hat focusing on cloud-native projects. Before starting at Red Hat, I have worked at IBM for six years as a developer, QA lead, consultant and developer advocate. Even before that, I was a renewable energy engineer designing solar homes for off-grid parts of Bangladesh.

I believe in the power of community and actively work with the local and virtual communities (OpenShift, K8s, CNCF to name a few). Besides work, I love playing 8-ball pool.

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