February 23-25, 2022
Montreal, Canada

How To Design A Thoughtful UI

It’s easy to create a good looking product, but what about a useful one?
It’s not enough to build apps that function, it's not even enough to make them understandable & usable, you need to build apps that bring joy & excitement, pleasure & fun, if possible even beauty to people’s lives. Learn to design with your user’s needs & expectations in mind by applying basic rules.

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Eleftheria Batsou


Eleftheria is a Community Manager at Hashnode by day and a developer/UX researcher by night. Her studies include a major in Informatics and Telecommunications of engineering and a master's in Graphic Arts and Multimedia. She has created tech courses for several platforms such as Packt, Udemy, and Skillshare, and she likes to produce motivational talks and how-to videos on her YouTube channel. She is self-motivated and working hard to make this world a little bit better every day.

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