February 22-24, 2023
Montreal, Canada

Discovering gRPC-web, the alternative to JSON APIs

Get ready for the new technological turn! Discover gRPC-web the alternative to JSON APIs! Using the latest ASP.NET Core 7 framework, I will show you how to build performant web application with Blazor (C#) and Angular (TypeScript) without using any JSON APIs!

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Anthony Giretti


Anthony Giretti is a senior lead software developer at Marchex in Mississauga, Canada.
He is a technical leader and five-time Microsoft MVP award recipient. Anthony
specializes in web technologies (18 years’ experience) and .NET. His expertise in
technology and IT, and a heartfelt desire to share his knowledge, motivates him to dive
into and embrace any web project, complex or otherwise, in order to help developers
achieve their project goals.

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