February 21-23, 2024
Montreal, Canada

My very first Laravel project after 10 year with Symfony

For a decade, I thrived in Symfony's realm. But then, Laravel called. Dive into a journey beyond a mere framework switch—it's about relearning and rediscovery. Join as I share hesitations, revelations, and insights Laravel gifted me. Whether you're a

Symfony aficionado or simply framework-curious, witness my evolution from Symfony sage to Laravel novice. Celebrate the art of adaptability and the thrill of the new.

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Tomas Votruba


Meet Tomas, the lazy person behind the Rector ecosystem. Traumatized by repetitive tasks in his childhood, he refuses to do anything twice without experiencing deep physical pain. Instead, he spends countless hours automating problems that would only take an hour or two to complete manually.

Tomas's extreme laziness gave birth to the Rector ecosystem—a tool that effortlessly upgrades and refactors PHP code.

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