Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke is an independent software developer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with over two decades of experience building software for people - most recently with Ruby on Rails and iOS.

Vancouver 2017 sessions

4 Weird Things About Time

English session - Beginner

Ever wondered why OCTober has an 8 in the name but it's the 10th month? Why some clocks from the late 19th century have two minute hands? And what's up with Easter anyhow?

This entertaining talk covers thousands of years of the history of calendars and clocks, exploring how emperors, kings, and whole nations wrestled with technical and cultural headaches that are surprisingly similar to what we deal with in the worlds of tech and development.

How I Finally Started Using the Magic of Ruby

English session - Intermediate

I had always known that Ruby's metaprogramming tools were amazingly powerful, but I've never had a project where lots of fancy tricks wouldn't just make things harder to understand.

Recently I got the chance to work on a large complex project where I could use the magic of Ruby to help make things much more manageable.

This talk shows how Ruby's unique power and elegance turned a potential code nightmare into something like poetry.

Montreal 2017 sessions