Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke is an independent software developer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with over two decades of experience building software for people - most recently with Ruby on Rails and iOS.

Montreal 2017 sessions

Four Weird Things About Time

English session - Beginner

Ever wonder why the 9th month is named SEPTember and the 10th is OCTober? Why do we have leap year? And what's up with Easter? Throughout history, cultures have had to fit messy natural cycles into easier-to-manage abstractions like dates and time - abstractions which never quite fit.

This talk will cover thousands of years of history to highlight problems very similar to what we face in software and technology every day, along with solutions.

How I Finally Started Using the Magic of Ruby

English session - Intermediate

I love programming in Ruby, but I've mostly used it like a more elegant Java - solving business problems in a straightforward way. I always knew Ruby had lots of metaprogramming power, but I was too busy getting work done to explore it. I recently worked on a project which let me use more of the magic of Ruby.

This talk will show how I made it to the next step in my Ruby programming, turning ugly code into refined haiku.