Kris jenkins

Kris jenkins

Kris Jenkins is a Developer Advocate for Confluent, a veteran startup contractor, and former CTO & Co-Founder of a gold trading business. He started his career working for a finance company whose success depended on having a better data model than all their competitors, and the search for the better model has been with him ever since.

Montreal 2023 sessions

Live-Coding a Reactive Dashboard

English session - Intermediate

In this live-coding session we'll build a full stack, reactive sales dashboard from scratch and see how you:

- Set up a Kafka Consumer with Python.
- Build out a WebSocket server to broadcast live data to your users.
- Create a basic React app to visualise data in a way anyone can access.

By the end, you'll have all the foundational pieces of a dashboard that could serve KPIs to everyone in your organisation.

Montreal 2022 sessions