March 13-15, 2019
Montreal, Canada

Writing JS for your wrist with JerryScript & the Fitbit SDK

In this talk we'll learn how you can use JS to write apps for Smartwatches that are running the Fitbit OS. We'll cover how to create the app's UI with SVGs, how to get data from the web, and how to interact with the device's sensors.
Then we're going to learn about the JerryScript engine which lets you run Javascript on low-power IoT devices like Smartwatches and Microcontrollers, and discuss the challenges related to targeting these devices.

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Yonatan M

I am a Web Developer with an expertise in frontend technologies, and my passion is creating high-end, quality, beautiful and performant web applications.
I love creating tools to improve the development experience. Open source tools I've created have been used by engineers at Yahoo, Atlassian, Adobe, Kayak, etc.
I'm also a blogger and active conference speaker

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