February 26-28, 2020
Montreal, Canada

You are the next 10x

What is the secret of a 10x developer? Although it's not possible to become 10x overnight, in this 1 day workshop I will highlight what you have to start focusing on to get on the right path.

Last year at ConFoo Yann Larrivée & Martin held a chat/discussion about 10x to see what you thought. After the session I realized we had not covered the most essential topics: asking the right questions, repetition, acquiring reflexes and trial and error. In this workshop, Martin will share with you stories of insight from my 25 years of experience in the software development ecosystem. The idea is trifold:

  • Show you how 10x scenarios happened around me, and to me; in the last 10 years
  • Highlight the key elements that distinguished a 10x scenario versus a normal scenario
  • Create a real-life scenario between us, and have you practice at thinking 10x.
It is a full day, one day. The class size is limited to 15 people to ensure everybody gets the attention necessary to go back to work with the appropriate mindset!

Martin Legris

Obvious Leap

Hi, I've been programming for longer than I like to admit.. I started developing for the web in 1997, wrote my first CGI scripts that talked to MySQL in C++. It has been a long journey since then; through Java (10+ years), PHP, HTML/JS, AS2, AS3, Android Developemnt, C#. I founded a startup in 2012 and raised 1M$; that has changed my perspective of programming forever! I like to explore interaction concepts.

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