10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Apple's Ruby: MacRuby

For many years, Apple has been shipping its OS with Ruby. But starting about two years ago, Apple started developing their own Ruby implementation on top of Objective-C runtime for performance and compatibility reasons. A developer can already write a fully native and compiled Cocoa application only using the Ruby language and the Cocoa API. But MacRuby is more than an Objective-C replacement, it allows developers to push the traditional boundaries of desktop/mobile applications & games by offering easy integration of web services, creation of p2p application, native GUI for backends web application, reuse of code and much more.

During his talk, Matt Aimonetti, MacRuby team member, will explain the state of the project, its goal and potential as well as show concrete examples of how to use this powerful new Ruby implementation.

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Matt Aimonetti

Sony Playstation

Matt Aimonetti works for Sony Playstation in San Diego, CA. Matt has been active in the Ruby community for many years, he developed or contributed to a lot OSS libraries and frameworks, spoke at users groups and conferences in the U.S. and abroad. Working with startups, fortune 100 companies and traditional companies, he had the opportunity to be involved with really captivating Ruby, MacRuby, noSQL/lessSQL, Rails, Merb Sinatra projects.

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