10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Doctrine 2: Enterprise Persistence Layer for PHP

Doctrine 2 is a complete re-implementation of the Doctrine ORM under PHP 5.3. It is successor of Doctrine 1 and a major improvement over the first version both in code quality, organization and most important performance. Doctrine 2 is the first real enterprise persistence layer to ever be available for PHP and should open many doors to allow PHP to be more easily used by the enterprise world. It is heavily influenced by the JPA version 2 and the infamous Java ORM, Hibernate.

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Jonathan Wage

Sensio Labs

Jonathan Wage has been working with various web technologies for nearly 10 years building software on the internet. He formerly was the lead developer and application architect at centre{source}. Today you will find him with Sensio Labs, the creators of the symfony MVC framework. His primary responsibilities are training other developers as well as working on the symfony and Doctrine open source projects. He is a core contributor to symfony and the lead of the Doctrine project.

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