10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

Massive Scalability

One server is not always enough. This talk will go through the process of scaling websites and professionals systems to survive sudden (or planned) increase in traffic or utilization. The usual suspects will be covered (software load balancing, multi-master database, persistent caching, cloud computing, shared storage, ...) in a programming language agnostic way.

The presentation will be centered around real life cases that I've experienced through day-to-day business of Les Laboratoires Phoenix.

Presentation could be made in English or in french, as to accommodate the largest audience.

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Pascal Charest

Les Laboratoires Phoenix

First, I'm an GNU/Linux hacker and an hardcore geek.

Then, I'm the owner of "Les Laboratoires Phoenix", a cutting-edge free software consultancy firm. My enterprise's clients are located in more than 6 countries and require services ranging from server administration to subject matter expert consultation (for software such as: Zimbra, Zabbix, MySQL, GlusterFS, Asterisk, OpenSolaris, AoE, DRBD, OpenLDAP... ). A series of papers were also published on custom SAN solution, embedded system, high scalability, reliability and fault tolerance in numerous Europeans GNU/Linux magazine.

The world of on-demand computing, recently renamed Cloud Computing, is an important part of my day-to-day work. since I regularly complete mandates as an information systems performance specialist for infrastructure based on the extended LAMP stack (Gnu/Linux,{Apache, NGINX},{MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle},{php, java, ruby}).

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