10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

OWASP Top10 2010: Most important risks in web apps

-Presentation (authors, methodology, timeline, adoption)
-List review, short comparison with the 2007 list
-Review of each risk and attributes (attack vector, testing and preventing measures) with examples
-Integrating the Top 10 2010 into an existing SDLC

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Antonio Fontes

OWASP Switzerland

Antonio Fontes has over ten years experience in the software and information security industry. He is an active member of the OWASP Switzerland board and has contributed to several open projects such as the "CWE Top 25 most dangerous programming errors." His day job involves assisting both public and private organizations in increasing security visibility and control over their software, such as with dev training, threat modeling, design review, code reviews, penetration testing, etc.

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