9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Dive into Cocoa with MacRuby

Two awesome languages meet, Ruby and Objective-C, and so MacRuby's story begins. This special Ruby flavour, aiming at 100% compatibility with RubySpecs 1.9, also integrates Objective-C's libraries and advanced technologies. Far gone from it's experimental status, MacRuby now rides on the fast lanes with Apple's support in the back seat, getting closer to a stable 1.0 release somewhere in 2011. With already impressive performance figures, far surpassing any other Ruby implementation, running rumours says its future may be as an iOS programming language. Given these conditions, most will agree its road seems paved with gold and so deserve a bit of attention. This presentation aims to prepare you for the ultimate MacRuby experience.
It will cover:
How MacRuby differs from Ruby MRI.
Objective-C integration with MacRuby.
Some Objective-C basics.
MacRuby and the web.
MacRuby's workflow with Xcode and Interface Builder.
Building a simple MacRuby Cocoa app (Live Coding).

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Louis-Philippe Perron


Louis-Philippe Perron works for Technicolor Creative Services in Montréal where he designs custom production tools to meet the high standards of tight film productions deadlines. His automated workflows and productivity shortcuts are mostly crafted in Ruby, Python and Objective-C.

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