9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

JavaScript for PHP developers

More and more PHP developers are writing JavaScript - everyone's favorite love/hate language. In this session we'll explore what is very similar and what very different between the two languages, including:
- objects
- classes
- inheritance
- patterns
- arrays
- strings

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Stoyan Stefanov


Stoyan Stefanov has worked for Yahoo!, SAP Canada, and currently Facebook. He's the creator of Smush.it image optimizer and the performance tool YSlow 2.0. He's PHP Zend-certified, author of "JavaScript Patterns", "Object-Oriented JavaScript", contributor to "High-Performance JavaScript" and "Even Faster Web Sites", PHPAdvent.org and a conference speaker (JSConf, Fronteers, Ajax Experience, Velocity, PHP Québec)

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