9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Jump into Windows Phone 7 Development

Windows Phone 7 is a fresh mobile platform for Microsoft. With Xbox Live, Office and Zune all bundled into a single device there is no doubt that Windows Phone 7 will compete with other mobile offerings. Watch Cory Fowler build out a Podcast Streaming Application for Windows Phone 7. He will be pulling from both Silverlight and the XNA Framework to create this Application right before your eyes.

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Cory Fowler

Cory Fowler refers to himself as a ‘Developer as a Service’. He is a Technology Community Leader, Mentor and Speaker that enjoys sharing his passion for Software Development with others. Cory has been awarded with a Microsoft MVP award for his Focus on Windows Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform). Even with his head in the Clouds, Cory finds himself developing a wide range of Solutions including but not limited to Websites (with ASP.NET MVC & Silverlight), Windows Phone 7 Applications (with Silverlight & XNA) and other solutions using the C# Programming Language. Even though Cory works primarily on the Microsoft Stack, he has worked with Open Source Languages in the Past and supports a number of Open Source Software Projects.

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