9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Padrino, The Elegant Ruby Web Framework

With the Sinatra's light clean syntax, many web developers have delighted in its its unencumbered approach. However, there is often a need for something a more than what Sinatra provides. Enter Padrino. It aims to offer a set of standard tools usable within Sinatra, which can be picked to exactly suit your requirements. With Padrino, you can currently pick and choose from the following modules:

Generators: Create applications, models, controllers
Routing: URL named routes, named params
Tag & Asset Helpers: Easy to add tags, css, and javascript
Form Helpers: Creation of forms for models
Mailer: Simple delivery support for sending emails
Admin: Built-in admin interface (akin to Django)
Localization: Full support for I18n
Caching: Support for fragment & page caching with a variety of backing stores

This talk will provide a whirlwind tour of these features. We will also compare the speed and memory usage of Padrino vs other frameworks. Have it your own way!

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Joshua Hull


Joshua Hull has been working as a programmer for the past 12 years. He's deeply familiar with the world of startups, most recently through his involvement with companies such as Bibliocommons, Postrank and Poll Everywhere. Joshua is currently employed by Twitter; when he isn't working, he stays busy with open source projects such as Padrino, Bundler, and whatever other crazy ideas occur to him.

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