9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Performing in the Browser

With the increasingly rich client-side interactions on websites these days, performance in the browser has become a critical topic. From the new W3C Web Performance APIs that allow you to profile your pages in detail, to the optimization of CSS selectors and the ways to keep your DOM reflows under control, countless techniques exist to improve the speed of your website after the backend has done its job.

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Jordi Boggiano

Packagist Conductors

Jordi Boggiano is the author of a few open source apps/libs (Composer, Monolog, php-console, ..), and co-founder of Private Packagist (https://packagist.com). He has been involved in web development for over 10 years, working mostly with PHP and JavaScript. He is currently maintaining Composer/Packagist while working on Private Packagist and Teamup.com. Find out more at https://seld.be/about

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