9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Technical SEO for Enterprise Level & Dynamic Websi

SEO is an essential part of making sure that your websites are found and fully indexed by Google. In this session, we will examine the technical factors that influence how search engines index a website, and audience members will learn how to optimize both websites and CMS for search engine visibility.

Specifically, this session will address issues such as:

• Proper implementation of various HTML elements,
• Effective use of AJAX and Flash,
• Use of redirections (301 vs 302),
• Proper URL structuring and rewriting,
• Duplicate content and the canonical tag

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CT Moore


CT Moore is an accomplished blogger, journalist, podcaster, and speaker, with over 5 years experience in SEO. He’s consulted on web strategy for major brands, such as American Apparel, Yellow Pages, and Microsoft, as well as a number of media start-ups. CT currently works as an Account Strategist at NVI, the largest Search and Social shop in Canada, where he manages client SEO, PPC, and social media needs. He also sits as a Staff Editor at Revenews.com.

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