Andrew DalPino

Andrew DalPino

Andrew is an American software engineer and entrepreneur. He spent over a decade in the entertainment and live music industry before pivoting to Machine Learning in 2017. He is the creator and maintainer of the open-source Rubix ML project that aims to bring Machine Learning tools to the PHP language. Today, you can find him working on his startup project, building bioinformatics pipelines for healthcare research, and contributing to open-source.

Sessions Montréal 2023

Getting Started with Machine Learning in PHP using Rubix ML

Session en anglais - Débutant

Machine Learning is a paradigm shift from traditional programming because it allows software systems to program themselves through training and data. Today, we’ll explore how you can start integrating Machine Learning in your PHP projects using the open-source Rubix ML library. We’ll formulate the problem of customer churn, train a model to predict unhappy customers, and then use that model to identify the at-risk customers in our database.