Chris Mazur

Chris Mazur

From Patagonia. I found in tech communities one of my life passions and also the opportunity to connect, learn, make good friends and most importantly... give back to society. I'm the Co-founder and co-organizer of PHP Conference Argentina, Founder and organizer of PHP Conference New Zealand, ScaleConf New Zealand, Cloud Native Summit (Australia + New Zealand), Full Stack Day, Service Mesh Day (San Francisco, US) and several online Meetups in NZ, Australia and Argentina

Sessions Online 2021

Community Strategy 101

Session en anglais - Débutant

Communities are increasingly important in this Digital Transformation era. Getting together people and technology with common interests, a strong sense of belonging and collaboration is a powerful platform to empower individuals and connect organizations with their audience.

We will dive the principles of building diverse and innovative communities with a positive impact in the society.