Chris Woodruff

Chris Woodruff

Chris Woodruff (or Woody as he is commonly known as) has a degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University’s College of Engineering. Woody has been developing and architecting software solutions for over 20 years and has worked in many different platforms and tools. He is a community leader, helping such events as GRDevNight, GRDevDay, West Michigan Day of .NET and CodeMash. He was also instrumental in bringing the popular Give Camp event to Western Michigan where technology profession

Sessions Montréal 2024

From Browsers to Desktops: Unleashing Web Skills w/ Electron

Session en anglais - Débutant

Faced with the challenge of developing a desktop application, a web developer may feel like a fish out of water. However, with Electron, the transition can be seamless. Originating as GitHub’s shell for the Atom editor, Electron offers a fertile ground for web developers to apply their existing skills to create cross-platform desktop applications. Depart with the foundational knowledge to leverage your web skills in the desktop realm.

Globalizing Your ASP.NET 8 Presence

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

In an increasingly interconnected world, creating applications with global appeal necessitates a deep understanding and implementation of internationalization. This talk delves into leveraging ASP.NET 8’s advanced services and middleware to localize applications across diverse languages and cultures, thereby widening your app’s reach beyond English-speaking users.

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