Demin Yin

Demin Yin

Demin is a staff engineer and technical lead on Glu Mobile’s Design Home team. He has been using PHP primarily since 2000, and has worked for a diverse group of companies throughout his career, from start-ups to some of the Bay Area’s largest international corporations, including eBay, Visa, and Glu. For years, Demin has been focused on building high-performance, secure web applications and is always exploring ways to push the limit of PHP. Demin also helps drive Open Source initiatives at Glu.

Sessions Montréal 2019

Massively Scaled High Performance Web Services with PHP

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Over the years, people have questioned if PHP is a good choice for building web services. In this talk, I will share how we use PHP on the backend for Glu Mobile’s flagship mobile game Design Home, enabling it to regularly rank amongst the top free mobile games in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. We will deep dive into the thought processes, development, testing, and deployment strategy, showcasing what we have achieved with PHP.

Swoole 4: Introducing a New Coroutine Design Pattern in PHP

Session en anglais - Avancé

Swoole is an event-driven asynchronous and concurrent networking communication engine for writing high-performance HTTP and WebSocket services in PHP. It changes the way how we write and build PHP applications. With supports of coroutine, non-blocking IO, connection pool, and many more, we can build better scalable and fast web applications. In this talk, I will dig into technical details and demonstrate how Swoole breaks the limit of PHP.