Jacques-Sylvain Lecointre

Jacques-Sylvain Lecointre

I am Data Scientist at Mnubo , focused on delivering data analytics solutions in the IoT domain with a deep interest for topics like Computer vision.I have an engineering background in telecommunications and evolved towards data science activities.My main goal is to derive actionnable insights from the data generated by IoT connected devices.

Sessions Online 2021

Develop an MLOps mindset inside your company

Session en anglais - Débutant

The Machine Learning lifecycle is complex by essence.Many organizations where ML models are developed with Data Scientists and SMEs are facing these 3 challenges: the model management, the reproducibility / "works on my machine" and the collaboration problem.In this session we will go over the rising concept of MLOps and show how 2 open source projects mlflow and Kubeflow can be leveraged to initiate the MLOps mindset inside your company.

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