Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer

Jen Kramer has been teaching and performing web design for over 19 years. Most recently, she is a Lecturer at Harvard University Extension School in the Master's of Liberal Arts in Digital Media Design program, where she teaches five courses per year on front-end web development. She's also a prolific video author, creating over 35 training courses for, Frontend Masters, O'Reilly Media, and Aquent Gymnasium. She earned her MS in Internet Strategy Management from Marlboro College.

Sessions Montréal 2019

Responsive Design 2.0: The Death of Bootstrap

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

For the first time in the history of the web, CSS is graced with tools for laying out web pages without hacks. Flexbox and Grid provide methods for creating responsive websites with designs not previously possible. CSS Calc and CSS Custom Fields give us a first chance to use math and variables within CSS itself, without requiring compiling. Together, these four new CSS modules work together to revolutionize CSS in modern evergreen browsers.

The Meta-talk: Giving Outstanding Technical Presentations

Session en anglais - Débutant

What makes an excellent technical talk when presenting to a technical audience? Most aim for a comprehensive presentation, but unfortunately achieve a jumble of acronyms and ill-defined concepts. Sometimes less is more. Learn how to focus your topic, deal with Imposter Syndrome, build your talk gradually, show rather than tell, and remember it's not about you. Make your next talk a truly memorable and educational presentation.

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