Jeremy Cook

Jeremy Cook

Jeremy has been a software developer since 2008, working with many technologies across a variety of web applications. He has built software for a variety of clients, ranging from major sports leagues to large scale enterprise applications. He is passionate about clean maintainable code and helping teams to adopt practices that accelerate their development. Jeremy is a senior principal developer for Oracle, based in the Waterloo, ON office.

Sessions Montréal 2022

Dispelling the myth of code coverage

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Many people pin the quality of their test suite on code coverage yet at best this is a flawed metric. In this talk I will show you why relying on code coverage alone will not guarantee the quality of your test suite. Along the way we'll delve into engineering practices and techniques that speak directly to the usefulness of your test suite. By the end of this talk you will be able to really ensure your tests are helping you deliver quality code.

Techniques to become an effective agent of change

Session en anglais - Avancé

As a very senior IC you are expected to lead and drive adoption of engineering best practices at a time when your daily interactions with code have never been less. How can you effectively deliver change when you don't control the code that is produced? This talk will show you techniques that allow you to be an effective change agent without being a dictator, allowing you to guide direction and build consensus without controlling every step.

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