Kerim Satirli

Kerim Satirli

Kerim is a senior developer advocate at HashiCorp, where he coaches operators and developers on sustainable infrastructure and orchestration workflows.

Before he joined HashiCorp, Kerim worked on Industrial IoT for the Amsterdam airport and helped museums bring more of their collections online.

When Kerim isn't working, he's either spending time with his daughter, enjoying aerial photography, or baking a cake.

Sessions Montréal 2024

Heartbeats and Healthchecks at the Edge of Human and Compute

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

In this session, I dissect how we built an edge computing device into a conference badge, while enabling it to reliably report metrics on the (badge) wearer to a health check and monitoring system.

The talk focuses on the software challenges of edge computing. I specifically look at "noisy environments", network isolation, and trust barriers to illustrate what goes into the "dos" and "do nots" of building reliable workload orchestration.

Supply Chain Security at Scale for Infrastructure Engineers

Session en anglais - Avancé

In this session, I dive into the process of building a secure workflow for infrastructure deployments, starting from a developer's machine to deploying protected workloads in "production".

I look at separation of concerns from a security and networking perspective and highlight the skills operations engineers may need to level up.

Attendees can expect to learn which design patterns matter, which don't, and how to implement them at scale.