Miro Cupak

Miro Cupak

Miro is VP Engineering at DNAstack, where he builds a leading genomics cloud platform. He is a Java enthusiast with expertise in distributed systems and middleware, passionate about genetics and making meaningful software. Miro is the creator of the largest search and discovery engine of human genetic data, and the author of a book on parallelization of genomic queries. In his spare time, he blogs and contributes to several open-source projects.

Sessions Montréal 2019

Exploring reactive programming in Java

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

Recent releases of Java have taken asynchronous programming and data streaming capabilities we know from Java 8 to the level that allows us to write truly modern, reactive applications. In this live-coding session, we explore JDK 9-11 features enabling all the aspects of reactive programming - updates to the Stream and CompletableFuture APIs, Reactive Streams publish-subscribe framework, HTTP/2 client, and more.

Writing clean code with modern Java

Session en anglais - Avancé

In this live-coding session, we’ll explore several features in Java 9, 10 and 11 enabling us to create cleaner code. We’ll take a look at factory methods for collections, extended streams, updates to Optional, try with effectively final resources, local variable type inference, and HTTP/2 client. We’ll also talk about best practices and patterns for using these features in the context of modern applications.