Nick Maiorano

Nick Maiorano

Nick Maiorano is the author of the book “Functional Java: A Guide to Lambdas & Functional Programming in Java 8” and a LinkedIn Learning video series on Java 9 modularity. He is also a trainer of Java technologies and an independent consultant with over two decades of experience as an architect and software developer. He has worked in various industries including telecom, financial, aerospace, and e-commerce from large corporations to small start-ups.

Sessions Vancouver 2017

9 Concurrency models with Java 9

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

The standard Java JDK offers an abundance of libraries to express concurrent and parallel algorithms. But picking the right one can be difficult if you don’t know their strengths and weaknesses – let alone their existence! From primitive threads to the modern Java 9 reactive library, this talk will compare performance, programming complexity, abstraction level and context suitability of nine concurrent & parallel JDK libraries from Java 1 to 9.

Escape from Jar Hell (with Java 9 Modularity)

Session en anglais - Débutant

Modularity has finally come to Java with project Jigsaw. With it comes new syntax, new ways to structure your code and an escape from Jar Hell. But Java modularity will disrupt your code base and you’ll need effective migration strategies - or else end up in Module Purgatory. This talk will present the new syntax, demonstrate how to build modular apps and offer ways to migrate your code base.

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