Thiago Temple

Thiago Temple

I'm a Brazilian developer based in Ottawa, Canada. I have been building software for about twenty years, and my professional interests are mostly related to web development and different programming languages.
I sometimes speak my mind on my blog and I have produced a couple of online training courses for PluralSight.
Currently, I'm working at SurveyMonkey as a senior front-end engineer.

Sessions Online 2021

Communicating Intention with Functional TypeScript

Session en anglais - Intermédiaire

We spend a lot of our time reading code for many different reasons. So why not make our future selves and colleagues a favour and write code that at a glance will communicate what it’s doing? Let’s leverage what TypeScript has to offer as well as some good functional programming practices. In the end, we want to spend less time trying to understand some “clever” code or uncover some hidden surprises and more time shipping value to our clients.

Sessions Montréal 2020