26 au 28 février, 2020
Hôtel Bonaventure

Workshop: Mastering Webpack from the ground up.

Everybody uses Webpack… and everybody fears to touch the config. It’s always grown organically out of slapdash copy-and-paste from StackOverflow and a myriad of other sources, and it “sort of works,” but nobody owns it. And yet, docs have been consistently getting better since v2, v4 made a major “sane defaults“ push, and it just keeps improving all the time.

It’s time you learn what the building blocks of a Webpack config are, how to start small and how to scale! Not to mention leveraging the amazing DX powers of the Webpack Dev Server, and how to best use its core build optimization techniques.
Topics covered:
  • Core tenets
  • Loaders vs. plugins
  • Handling JS, styles, images, and fonts
  • Extracting CSS in production builds
  • Turning configs into reusable, modular blocks to help it scale
  • Webpack Dev Server: basics, HMR…
  • Proxying with Webpack Dev Server to avoid CORS issues
  • Useful plugins and wrappers (e.g. a better error overlay)
  • Building faster and better
  • Optimizing for bundle size
  • Bundle splitting vs. code splitting

Christophe Porteneuve

Delicious Insights

Christophe has been a professional web dev since 1995 (with side tracks in Delphi and Java lands), was a Core team member for Prototype.js and script.aculo.us back in the day, spoke at numerous conferences worldwide and now focuses on crafting top-notch training on all things Git and JS, with a focus on Node, React and PWA-related stuff through his company, Delicious Insights, that also runs NodeSchool Paris. He lives in Paris with his wife Élodie and sons Maxence and Elliott.

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