Changing the Ratio: Diversity at ConFoo

26 Oct 2012

There's a lot of talk about increasing the number of women in technology. As organizers of a conference on web technologies, we understand firsthand the need to raise the visibility of women in the industry. This year, we worked toward walking the talk and here's what we came up with: women make up 14% of our 98 speakers. This number is three times higher than in previous years.

Although there is undeniably still more to be done within the industry, we're pleased that we've changed our ratio from last year. By showcasing diverse speakers who are experts in their fields, we hope to expose all attendees to an awesome learning experience. We're already looking forward to hearing from Estelle Weyl about mobile performance, Rachel Andrew about frontend technologies, Sara Golemon about PHP extensions, and the rest of the speakers on board.

Take some time to check out our full speaker list we've got lined up. Also, don't wait too long to buy your tickets, since we already sold 35% of them.