Registration for Training

19 Dec 2012

If you're serious about levelling up your skills, join us early for ConFoo's focused training days. These intense and hands-on workshops will take you on a deep dive into one of these topics:

Advanced PHP Training

Offered in English

Attendees of this highly interactive and entertaining two-day training event will witness the development of a mobile messaging service platform, from the requirements stage through software development and all the way into operations and maintenance. Every development step will be explained in-depth while an application is developed live in front of the audience by three leading PHP experts who love to share their experience. Training details

PHP Web Security: From Exploitation to Correction

Offered in English & French

An attacker's perspective will be used to experiment with the different risks of programming in PHP. Jonathan Marcil, a web security expert conducting workshops as far as Switzerland, will help you understand the mechanics of a real attack, to identify the flawed code, to evaluate the impact and to apply the necessary corrections. Training details

Practical Symfony2

Offered in English

This workshop will help you get started with the Symfony2 full stack framework. From the installation to more advanced features like security and HTTP caching, you will learn how to develop web applications with Symfony2. This is a great way to achieve a development methodology based on best practices and expertise. Training details

JavaScript Training

Offered in French

This year, the JavaScript training will focus on creating a complete web application. Starting with the basics of the language to modern architecture in the browser, we will explore all aspects of web development in JavaScript. The course is aimed at beginner to intermediate developers wanting to sharpen their skills in JavaScript. Training details

All sessions take place from February 25-26 and are sold separately. Prices include breakfast and lunch for the days of the training. For more information and to register, please see our registration page.