ConFoo BBQ 2012

26 Jul 2012

This year once more, ConFoo is going to be a major conference on Web development, bringing together many of the local communities. To celebrate this synergy, everyone is invited to ConFooBBQ, the BBQ for developers of the PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, DotNet W3QC, HTML5 & OWASP communities.

The BBQ will take place on August 4th, starting at 1:00 PM.

On the menu: hot-dogs, chips, salads, soft drinks, cookies and lots of fun. Bring your own beer.

To help us plan adequate supplies, please register on EventBrite if you plan to attend. Don’t forget to mention if you come with others.

If you can’t find the group once you’re on the site, feel free to give the crew a call: 1 514-600-0909 option 0.

Details of the event:

When: 2011-08-04 at 1:00 PM
Where: Mount-Royal park, near the Smith House (follow the posters)
Who: developers, actors of the Web, and their families Price: free!