ConFoo Contributes to Build Montreal's Notman House

16 Oct 2012

Part of the reason we organize ConFoo each year is to build and strengthen the web community. As members of the web community ourselves, we're big supporters of any opportunity that brings people together to collaborate and learn. Most recently, we're delighted to hear about the campaign to build Notman House.

Notman House is a home for the startup community and tech industry. Located within a historic property in the heart of Montreal, Notman House rents affordable office space to startups, provides event space for tech meetups, and has a café open for anyone to hack on projects. The ConFoo team has used its space before and we're already looking forward to the exciting plans for the house's future.

To show our support, ConFoo has donated $1000 to help build the home of the web.

We invite ConFoo sponsors, speakers, and attendees to consider supporting Notman House as well. While you're in town for ConFoo, we encourage you to drop by and see how Notman House and your support are helping to grow the web community.