March 8-10, 2017
Montreal, Canada

Martin Reinhardt

Martin Reinhardt

Martin Reinhardt is working as architect at Holisticon AG, a management and IT consulting firm. He is in charge for the architecture of complex distributed systems, modern web architectures and build management. Martin is involved in the software-craftsmanship movement. He has been active on different open source projects, e.g. the Galen Framework and NativeScript.

Proposals - Montreal 2017

Build Hybrid-Apps with NativeScript

NativeScript is a free and open source JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android apps. Add to that Angular 2 with TypeScript and you will get a truly amazing combination with native look-and-feel. Together with Angular 2 NativeScript makes it possible to share from your existing Angular 2 WebApp. I will share code from a pragmatic, maintenance-oriented perspective and come with practical tips & tricks.

Build Apps for the AppleTV with Webpack

With the latest AppleTV Apple is officially provided Support for JavaScript-based Apps for a platform. On tvOS this is called TVML. You can even host the resources on your own server and distribute still an App through the AppStore. So why not using modern tools like Webpack to speed up the whole development of Apps? This talk shows how easy it is to write Apps for tvOS with the help of WebPack including LiveReload on changes.

Responsive Testing with the Galen Framework

Running an application with different browsers. Resize the browser window & verify that the web page is working on different screen size. Due to “Responsive Design” there are high efforts on this kind of stuff. Sure it’s possible to calculate the delta between images to ensure that the layout does not differ between the last checks. Here comes the Galen Framework to the rescue: Describe like in TDD you’re requirements in a DSL & verify it.

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