10 au 12 mars, 2010
Montréal, Canada

NOLOH PHP Framework - Unified Server-Side Development

Are you still manually coding HTML and JavaScript? Is AJAX becoming a burden? Do you worry about cross browser compatibility issues? Is managing the client and server relationship giving you a headache? Are you concerned about injections or security issues? Let us introduce you to NOLOH. NOLOH stands for Not One Line Of HTML and will change the way you develop your PHP web sites and applications. With NOLOH you work in single development space, and NOLOH takes care of the rest. No need to write HTML, or JavaScript. No need to implement AJAX, or worry about client-server communication. No need for messy templates with complex programming logic intermixed throughout.

In this session we'll attempt to showcase several applications and cover: Creating a Basic Application, Adding Controls, Events, Multiple Events, Syntactical Sugars, Shifting & Animation, and Integrating 3rd party widgets and Scripts.

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Asher Snyder


Asher is the driving personality behind NOLOH. A "technological polymath," he has extensive experience working with a vast number of different programming languages and development methodologies from the desktop to the Internet, to maintaining servers and designing, implementing advanced databases.

In 2005 he enlisted the aid of his friend Philip Ross to help look into many of the frustrations associated with developing rich web sites and RIAs. This led to the creation of NOLOH.

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