9 au 11 mars 2011
Montréal, Canada

Webshell: smart, scripted HTTP

If your app provides or consumes and API, you need a smart tool for handling
HTTP. We built Webshell for just that. Sure, cURL is available everywhere,
but you need something better, faster, stronger. Webshell speaks your
language (JavaScript) and will change the way you debug HTTP. This talk will
give you an overview, and show you some specific examples of how Webshell
saves me hours of frustration every week.

See: http://github.com/fictivekin/webshell

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Sean Coates

Fictive Kin

Sean Coates has worked on the Web for almost two decades. He has managed teams of developers, developed payment code that processed over $1M per day, and works with Fictive Kin (https://fictivekin.com/) on web products.

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