29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Creating a universal app for iOS device

With the proliferation of Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, its impetrative that any mobile app development for iOS platform, should consider creating a universal app. This talk focuses on, what is a universal app, how much code is really reusable, and how to avoid common pit falls. This talk would also include the demonstration of universal app incorporating some of the latest iOS features.

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Satish Tallapaka


Satish is a hands-on technologist with 15 years of progressive experience in managing large-scale implementations. Well-versed in the digital technology landscape, he has both breadth and depth of knowledge in various technologies and methodologies. His expertise includes spearheading the transformation of many legacy systems into scalable, modern web based systems and building multi-channel interactive experiences spanning web, mobile and retail storefronts.

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