29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Debugging hard to reproduce Production Issues

Your team was working intensely on your company’s flagship product for past several months. The product was successfully deployed and most customers are pleased. However this one high-profile customer is experiencing issues such as slow performance, application hangs & crashes. These are the issues that you haven’t seen before and cannot re-produce in-house. Your team is under severe pressure to resolve these problems ASAP with challenging constraints like limited physical access to the customer data centre. In this presentation, Kamran will introduce some tools & techniques based on proven practices that can be helpful in tackling this type of situation.

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Kamran Bilgrami


Kamran Bilgrami is a seasoned software developer with proven track record of transforming complex business problems into viable technical solution. He has been instrumental in orchestrating highly available, performance centric, fault-tolerant real-time systems in a wide variety of industries including Telecom, Security and Human/Health Services. Most of the systems he devised belong to category where any downtime is simply unacceptable. His areas of expertise include .NET, Patterns & Security.

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