29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Microsoft Silverlight – A Programmer’s Perspective

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device add-on for delivering compelling Rich Internet Applications. Even though a web site user will not care if contents are delivered via Silverlight or something else, however, programmers have a little different way of judging these technologies. For them with Silverlight, Microsoft has provided a powerful development platform that combines firepower of XAML’s rendering engine with the flexibility of standard development technologies. In this presentation Kamran will take you through introduction to Silverlight and demonstrate some applications that go beyond just displaying Hello World, rather do something more useful.

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Kamran Bilgrami


Kamran Bilgrami is a seasoned software developer with proven track record of transforming complex business problems into viable technical solution. He has been instrumental in orchestrating highly available, performance centric, fault-tolerant real-time systems in a wide variety of industries including Telecom, Security and Human/Health Services. Most of the systems he devised belong to category where any downtime is simply unacceptable. His areas of expertise include .NET, Patterns & Security.

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