29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

Migrating from PHP to Python and Django

Many programmers cut their teeth with PHP before getting interested in Python. However, while the languages seem similar at first, there are many new concepts to grasp and new ecosystem of tools to master. This isn't easy, but with the right advice, a strong PHP developer can become an excellent Python developer very quickly.

Based on the experience of migrating a 20-person development team from PHP to Python and Django, this talk will examine how to tackle this journey. While the fundamental languages differences will be touched upon, this talk will focus on more interesting topics such as common python gotchas, tips for grokking Django, awesome tools and applications from the community, and how to manage such a migration for a large team of developers.

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David Winterbottom

Tangent Labs

I am the Head of Programming at Tangent Labs, a London-based digital agency. I have been a programming addict since my teenage years and hold a PhD in Mathematics.

I am also the creator or the website commandlinefu.com.

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