29 février au 2 mars 2012
Montréal, Canada

RDF and SPARQL: The peanut butter and jam

In this presentation we will dive into the wonderful world of RDF and SPARQL technologies: a universal data model and a query language for the Semantic Web. We will go through the whys and hows of authoring and collecting information from the Web of Data. This presentation is for programmers and analysts.

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Sarven Capadisli

Sarven <http://csarven.ca/#i> believes in the global Semantic Web (one manifestation; Linked Data) vision. He is primarily interested in human-computer interaction, and how it changes us. Currently, Sarven is a Linked Data technologist at Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web group in University of Leipzig, and works on a European Commission Seventh Framework Programme project from Bern University of Applied Sciences.

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