26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Asp.Net MVC – Let’s Stop Doing it Wrong

One thing is true when working with MVC: if you get the feeling that you’re writing too much code, you are. Ditch the pitfalls and learn better ways to get your project out the door. Write less code and leverage view models, Ajax extensions, action filters and partial views to their maximum potential. Ninja secrets for the masses!

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James Chambers

Clear Measure

James has been developing software since 1995 with varied industry exposure: oil & gas, heath care, public insurance, the food industry, transportation, telecommunications and at all levels of government.

Switching to the .NET stack in 2002, James is now four-time MVP in ASP.NET and uses the MVC Framework, jQuery and Web API on a daily basis. He is a frequent speaker and active blogger speaking and participating in conferences and local user groups. Catch him on Twitter as @CanadianJames

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