26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

First Steps in iOS Application Development

iPhones and iPads everywhere, and you want to get your app through the gates of the App Store? This talk will set you up for iOS application development. We'll cover the basics of Xcode and Objective C, create our first iOS application using storyboards, and explore some additional iOS APIs through a live coding demo.

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Sasha Goldshtein

SELA Group

Sasha Goldshtein is the CTO of SELA Group, a Microsoft C# MVP, and a Pluralsight author. Sasha is the author of "Introducing Windows 7 for Developers" (Microsoft Press, 2009) and "Pro .NET Performance" (Apress, 2012), a prolific blogger, and author of numerous training courses including Parallel Programming, Windows Internals, .NET Debugging, and .NET Performance. His consulting work revolves mainly around distributed architecture and high-performance systems.

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