26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Freelancing in IT 101

In the current market, freelancing has become a very appealing option for many IT workers, conscious about their freedom, professional development, balancing work and family life, and quite simply making the most out of life. Many options are now available, ranging from full-time consulting through an agency, to maintaining a portfolio of clients and a "nomad" lifestyle. This conference will explore those various options and what they entail.

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Martin Handfield


Martin Handfield is an IT Renaissance man of sorts, coming for a purely technical background in web engineering, and having migrated towards the business development and marketing aspects of the medium.

He is the spark behind StratWeb, a web consulting staffing agency aiming at completely refreshing the standard practice, with a no-nonsense, transparent, honest approach that focuses on quality over volume.

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