26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Getting Fixtures Right

Every kind of automated test requires you to create fixtures. Be it the input objects to unit test a method, setting up an object structure for integration testing or creating a database for system tests. But what makes a good fixture? In this talk we dive through the variety of automated test approaches and show fixtures can be created, what principles you should obey to and techniques to avoid pitfalls.

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Tobias Schlitt

Qafoo GmbH

Tobias Schlitt has a degree in computer science and more than 10 years of professional PHP experiences. He is an open source enthusiast and active on various projects around PHP. Tobias is a co-founder of Qafoo GmbH (http://qafoo.com), a company of highly skilled experts, helping teams to create high quality web applications with PHP and JavaScript.

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