26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

How I architected my big Rails app for success!

Rails is a great framework for creating web apps... for awhile. What do you do when your codebase grows large? How do you handle large teams of developers? When performance becomes an issue, how do you scale? Most importantly, how do you write code which can easily be refactored later?

This is a story of a real life project built from day 1 with all these questions in mind. Learn from our mistakes and successes!

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Benjamin Smith

Pivotal Labs

Benjamin Smith is a developer at Pivotal Labs. He has a strong passion for TDD, pairing, Agile and using technologies that get out of the programmer's way. When not writing code, he follows his other passions into the outdoors to rock climb, back country snowboard, and surf.

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