26 au 28 février 2014
Montréal, Canada

Linked Data: Publication and consumption

This talk will dive into TimBL's four Linked Data design principles. In which ways can you publish your data and still be ultimatily in control? How would it be flexible and re-usable down the road? This talk will address these questions, among others, as well as an overview of some of the Linked Data design patterns: Data modeling, URIs patterns, Provenance, Interlinking.

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Sarven Capadisli

Sarven <http://csarven.ca/#i> believes in the global Semantic Web (one manifestation; Linked Data) vision. He is primarily interested in human-computer interaction, and how it changes us. Currently, Sarven is a Linked Data technologist at Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web group in University of Leipzig, and works on a European Commission Seventh Framework Programme project from Bern University of Applied Sciences.

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